Drupal Installation In Fedora !!

Hello everyone ,

If you are having problems in installing any CMS in LINUX then i am here going to show you how to install any CMS in simple steps.

Here i am gona show you how to install DRUPAL in FEDORA .

STEP 1 :- Checking basic requirements of your system . Use following commands to install http server ,

mysql , php and phpmyadmin .

$ yum install httpd mysql php

$ yum install phpmyadmin


STEP 2 :- After the completion of above installations. Use the following commands to start local

server on your system.

$ service httpd start

$ service mysqld start


STEP 3 :- Setting up PHPmyadmin . After installing phpmyadmin you have to set its root password

For this use the following command :

$ sudo mysqladmin -u root password YOURPASSWORD

note :- At the place of YOURPASSWORD give the password u want to set for phpmyadmin .

STEP 4 :- Setting up the DATABASE for your site . :-

Once you have installed phpmyadmin then go to :



now enter the username – root & password – ********

then in CREATE field of the page enter the name of the database you want to create for your site .


STEP 5 :- Now set up the permissions for html directory using following command

$ cd /var/www

$ chown -R user:user html

note :- At the place of “user” use your username of as example “user@localhost”.

$ chmod -R 777 html

Now you have permissions to cut, copy, paste or create or delete any file folder in html directory.


STEP 6 :- Now extract the drupal-6.16.tar.gz downloaded file in any directory and copy it in the

html folder .

Now rename the folder “drupal-6.16 ” inside the html directory with any name say “drupal”.

STEP 7 :- Now start the installation , go to your web browser and open a tab and go to




To remove the above error just u have to do is , go to drupal/sites/default and

then copy deault.settings.php there and rename it as settings.php .


To remove the above error just use the following command :-
$cd /var/www/html
$chmod -R 777 drupal




Enjoy Drupal !!!!


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