Nerd ??

So yes, I have been a huge nerd all my life except the time when I was a really small ape-like kid with no potty training and when the lines when the line between being a nerd and a stud were pretty blurry. But I grew up in a time when there were no battle lines drawn between nerds and studs. There were just simple classifications like the ones good at academics and bad, the bunch of kids who could talk to girls and those who couldn’t. I was good at academics and had a mortal fear of talking to girls. It wasn’t until 12th grade that I called up a girl (for strictly academic purposes) and every word disintegrated into four while leaving my mouth.

I don’t remember if I had ever classified girls as cute and non-cute, pretty and non-pretty. Yes, there were a few who invited second looks because they wore really short skirts but other than that everyone was the same to me. I did have a pretty gigantic crush on one of the girls in my class and it lasted way longer than it should have but besides that I didn’t really give a damn. And I am sure a lot of people around me didn’t.

In fact, despite my overwhelming ugliness and crushing obesity I wasn’t really uncool because I was in one of those coaching classes (I don’t know if they exist right now) which are really picky in choosing their students and that was considered an achievement.

In our entire batch, there was just one relationship that I know of. To compare it with today it sounds like I grew up in a time of gramophones and telegraphs and Kishan Kumar and Sili Sili Hondi Ye Hawa and Baba Sehgal and you get the drift.

It’s hard for me to imagine a class full of people who are dumping and dating each other, crushes crisscrossing roll numbers and random hook ups highlighting every birthday party that is thrown. I am not being preachy or anything, I am just being curious if it’s any fun being a kid anymore when you already do stuff that adults wrap their heads around and eventually get tired of.

Somehow, I didn’t see the kind of mess there is in our schools even in the colleges I went to. Partly because I went to pretty nerdy colleges –Engineering College Bikaner (now Bikaner Technical University). There were a few people dating each other and stuff, but mostly it was about bunked classes and pending assignments and cricket matches. Yes, there was always a bunch of kids who were constantly getting high but that bunch wasn’t really the representation of the whole batch.

I always thought that the kids born in the 80s were unlucky because our juniors were always so much hotter. But I think I was lucky. A dark, ugly kid with no personality and a crushing inferiority complex would be lost being a 90s kid.


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