Mera Post, Tera Like!!

The feeling of having friends – who you know would stick around no matter what, after TRIED & TESTED experiment, is just so awesome!

I have this big bunch of friends and Airtel has already taught us that “Har ek friend zaroori hota hai” and now they have come up again with something even more amazing – that ties the bond of friendship even more strongly , with their jingle – “Jo tera hai woh mera hai”.

Each time Airtel speaks of friendship it really does change the outlook on “Yaari – Dosti” (read as: friendship).

We all have a certain set of friends – some nerds but insensitive, some party freaks yet understanding, some spoilt asses yet so protective , misers but knowledgeable , helpful but egoistic !!

Dealing with them can be a roller coster ride – with share of fears, joy and irritation, and frankly Airtel did helping in changing the perception towards such friends – they have become more tolerable (after being the butt of few jokes obviously :D ). 

And now this caring & sharing – “Jo tera hai woh mera hai” concept is again so amazing! Suddenly when the cranky little friend is not ready to share Pasta, Cds or their sorrows (for that matter) , you exactly know how to poke them into giving in . Yes mastermind, sing the jingle :D !

Friendship is a magical word for me – every bit of it has been an amazing experience for me. Sometimes I did wrong judgements and learnt, many times I made friends with whom all day I can do crap-talks and laugh my heart out. Then I have made friends who are mostly in their world but would drive 30kms at night to lend a helping hand and ofcourse friends who would speak to you day and night on phone and disappear the moment you seek their help. :D  lol.

But the little joy that Airtel is giving me on friendship is incredible. Suddenly all friends seem dearer again (Ofcouse minus the bitches and fake-ness personified types). 

SO go out there people- meet up all your friends and celebrate the little joy of“Jo tera hai woh mera hai, kyunki har ek friend zaroori hota hai”.

You just DON’T celebrate friendship on “Friendship’s Day”. You celebrate every day with friendship. (Man! I am good at this!)

Kudos to friendship!

PS- No Airtel did not give me any money/ support for this post. These are my genuine feelings ! :D  

Also hoping for “mera post so tera like ;) “


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