Hyperloop : How I think it would be

Many are speculating on the design of hyperloop and how it will work. 

I will take my shot at it. 


Here are the statements, on which I am making my assumptions. 

1. Avg Speed of about 1000 km/h. (twice the speed of airplanes)
2. A cross between Concorde, a railgun and air-hockey table.
3. Crash Proof
4. Can be underground or above the ground
5. Energy efficient – solar energy can be stored for 24/7 operations
6. Low Cost – $6 billion against $60b for bullet train
7. Leaves right when you arrive ( no waiting time)
8. Not a Vac tunnel
9. Weather proof


1. He would use the technique used in space shuttle launches. Railgun technology will be used to launch the cars into hyperloop. 
2. He says no wait time, so I assume it would be small cars
3. There needs to be a pilot. The pilot will control a lot of aspects.
4. Electro-magnets will be used for transportation. 

Based on the above statements and assumptions, here is what I think it would be like. 

The Car:

It would be in the shape of a concorde airplane. But would be a lot smaller in size. It would also be having a flatter shape. This is what I think it would look like. (excuse me for the bad diagram)

The car will be controlled by pilots ofcourse. However, their work will be quite different. They would be controlling the electromagnetic strength of the cars, as the electromagnetic strength changes, the speed increases. 

The solar panels on the top of the car would help in generating power for the system. I have a bit reservations on the entire system to be covered. I have explained that below.

The car might have some wheels, may be foldable like the airplanes. This might be used for emergency. 

The top view is essentially to show that it will be powered by electromagnets. There would be electromagnets on the front, which will be pulled by electromagnets on the towers(explained later). The electromagnet on the back will be pushed by the towers again.


The cars would be launched into the hyperloop. So, it would be pi

This is a fairly simple diagram to show the use of the launchgun. This is essentially used to accelerate or de-accelerate the car. The length of the launch gun would be quite long, might go for about 10-20 kms.  But when considered with proportion to the travel distance, it would not be that negligible. 


The hyperloop is a loop of electromagnetic towers, going from point A to point B. Something like electric wires going from one point to another. These towers can be put in the center divider of the roads. These would be between 100 – 250 m in height. 

Something like this but rectangular in shape.

I do not believe the entire stretch would be covered. As then it would be increase the cost of the project multifold and the 1/10th cost, like he has said would not be possible.

Hyperloop Tower: 

Cars will fly through the towers. The towers would be having electromagnetic fields to push and pull the car. The car would probably be having its own power as well, like an airplane, however, it would be supported by the electromagnets to increase its speed substantially, to achieve the 1000km/h speed.

The rectangular shaped towers would be big. It would appear like a air-field where cars will be floating on it. (like the air-hockey field)

The car would travel thru one tower after another, like a boat floating in a stream of water. 

Over all, the system would look something like the one given below. 

The car would be moving in a system which will be first accelerated by the launchgun, and moved to the hyperloop. 

Once, it reaches the hyperloop, it will float across the hyperloop at speed of 1000 km/h. 

I would make this audacious claim, that the hyperloop can be a system, which can be used by any car manufacturer. There can be a few features and specification, based on which cars can be manufactured. 

Once this system is in place, people can drive their car into the hyperloop launchgun. That would launch them into the hyperloop system. The hyperloop system can then be designed like a freeway, which would have exits for each city, or place. The driver or the pilot would then just need to take the right exit, to reach his/her destination. 🙂 

Disclaimer: I am no expert in any of the field of work required. This is just my imagination, of how hyperloop can be designed. May be this design may not be possible. But hey, some day, some day, it might just become possible.


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