★What is it like to be in a relationship with a Bengali girl?

All you heard from your friends are true. Just check  before acting up on your ‘major’ crush.

They don’t stop at just messing with your head. On full moon nights they turn in to fierce avatars of kali, and if you mess with them they will pull the guts out of your body with bare hands. Stay Away…!

Jokes apart, there is a reason why your friends say that, i will explain you how it makes sense from their perspective.

Bengal has been ahead of other states in terms of progressive thoughts, ideas and other aspects of culture, for some reason there were waves of intellectuals coming out of Bengal and driving their society forward in many aspects.

The scholars even have a name for it “Bengal Renaissance”. they credit this guy “Raja Ram Mohan Roy” for starting it, you might have heard of him from high school history lessons.

One aspect of this Renaissance (how the *&$@# am i supposed to remember the spelling of this word) is women liberation, what that means is that one day they started a twitter handle “#Brahmo_Samaj” and declared.., “look some things we have been doing are not cool any more, sooo…”

– a man can have only one women, no more polygamy
– a women can’t be forced to kill herself if her husband dies (sati)
– all daughters gets their share of their dad’s money when he dies, not just the sons.
– dowry is just not cool, earn your own money and feed the girl.
– what? you won’t feed the girl? that’s fine. she will be independent and educated, because we are working with the universities to accept girls, we think she is going to be better than you with books,pencils and all those things.

So..,this happened

” University of Calcutta became one of the first universitiesto admit female graduates to its degree programs in 1878, before any of the British universities had later done the same.[3]”

and at some point (Ilbert Bill) there were more Indian women with degrees than British women. holy cow…!

So, the point is, women in Bengal had a sort of equal footing with their men for a very long time, unfortunately that didn’t happen all over India, some of the not-so-cool things in Bengal are still considered cool in other parts of India.

Men from places that culturally lag in these aspects naturally wont be able to understand and ‘place’ the women from a progressive culture, therefore the fear of unknown kicks in, how do you explain it to others…? you say these women are not like the women from our place, they.., they.. ‘mess with your head’

Not all bengali women are same, culture is just a common denominator, understand this and you wont have any issues, good luck…! 😛 😛


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