Zomato Features List

Zomato, an online restaurant guide, has become a rage amongst foodies and restaurant businesses all over the world. In a very short span of time, it has become an established online brand by answering every query one might have before choosing a new place to eat – i.e. menus, photos, maps, reviews, contact information and restaurant features.

From India, it has expanded to Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, Qatar, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, UAE, & United Kingdom. Before the end of 2015, the brand aims to expand to 22 countries.

Such big aspirations are powered by a rather simple business model and a powerful online platform. In this post, we are listing Zomato features that helped it become a reputed online restaurant discovery and review brand.
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General Features of Frontend Interface

  • Unlimited number of site Users and Restaurant Businesses
  • Facilitates multiple Countries along with Cities listing
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for Visitors
  • Helps users in selecting the best restaurants according to their Locations, Budgets, Choice of Cuisine, Ratings among other options
  • Provides a platform for restaurants to increase their Visibility and create a Brand Name for themselves
  • Restaurants can also collect Feedback from users in the form of Reviews and Comments
  • Option to Search Restaurants by Keywords, Restaurants Features & Types/Categories and Restaurants Facilities & Specials
  • Option to browse/search Restaurants in the city by Sitemap
  • Featured Food/Ambience Images/Pictures Slide show for Restaurants city wise
  • Option to sort Restaurants listing by various filters/options in the city
  • Top Trending Restaurants in this week in the selected city on the basis of user actions
  • Top Foodies listing in the city
  • Option to view Leaderboard
  • Option to View Hall of Fame
  • Option to view different foodies types like Foodies, Big Foodies, Super Foodies & Connoisseur
  • Top Foodies listing in selected city with most recent reviews & ratings
  • Option to view all Connoisseurs and Super Foodies in selected city
  • View Leaderboards Showcase Foodies who write a number of great reviews
  • View Total points, Reviews listing & Thanks Received by each & every foodies on Foodie Leaderboard for the city
  • Allow to check/verify Total Reviews & Total Followers of foodies on Foodie Leaderboard
  • Option to follow Top Foodies and others on Foodie Leaderboard
  • Option to view Verified Reviewers or Verified Profiles on the site
  • Option to view restaurants Menus images slide show
  • Restaurants Photos Galley & Images Slide show
  • View Users Reviews listing for Restaurants
  • Option to get directions to restaurant
  • Option to find Nearby Restaurants
  • Option to Register/Login and create users profile
  • Login/Connect with Facebook
  • Login/Connect with Google
  • Option to use Forgot Password feature
  • View user’s Total Reviews, Total Followers and Leaderboard/Foodie Status/Type
  • Keep track of your food journey with handy lists, reviews, and beautiful filtered photos
  • Offers Advertising options for restaurants looking to generate more visibility among a highly targeted audience
  • Facilitates users to view restaurants Banners and Special Offers
  • Supports multi-store/business or restaurants (Multi-lingual)
  • ‘Follow Us’ links for Facebook, Twitter & Google+
  • Facebook fan box
  • Option to view all Popular Localities
  • Option to view all Popular Cuisines
  • Restaurants & Nightlife Blogs
  • Restaurants Google Maps and Google Analytics
  • Contact Us & Feedback Forms submission
  • Ability to view & browse all CMS and customized pages
  • Status Report or Box for ‘Total Listed Restaurants’, ‘Total Foodies’ and ‘Total Online Foodies’
  • SEO Friendly URLs

Zomato’s Welcome Screen


Search/Browse Restaurants

Search is one of the core strengths of Zomato platform. Even a first time user can easily find restaurants in his city or location of his choice, read reviews, go through menus and decide whether it is worth a shot or not. Below are features that make Zomato amazing from search point of view:

  • Option to search/find Restaurants & Nightlife listings city wise
  • Provide Auto suggest Keyword based search
  • Search for Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs and Bars by Name, Locality, Cuisine and Dish etc.
  • Option to browse restaurants to Get home delivery, Go out for a meal, Go out for drinks and Visit a café or deli etc.
  • Option to browser our specials for 4/5 Start Hotels, Desserts & Bakes and Catering etc.
  • Facilitates search for dishes being served across various restaurants across all cities
  • Browse restaurants through updated menus, pictures, and user reviews to decide where you want to eat

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  • Option to use the Google Map feature to guide/find the restaurants location
  • Facilitates to browse city Restaurants by Sitemap options like Popular Localities, Popular Cuisines, By Budget (for two people) and Popular Searches etc.
  • Option to search & view Alphabetical directory of pages for Restaurants, Users, Groups, Sub-Zones and Landmarks starting with the selected page letter
  • Option to search & view Full Directory of Restaurants and pages site wide
  • Option to search & view List of Restaurants in all available Cities listing

Search/Browse Restaurants Screens






Menus For Change

Besides helping people discover new eating places, Zomato has also taken efforts to fed people who go through the day with just a single meal. With Menus for Change program, Zomato is feeding undernourished children and reaching out to people in need.

  • Zomato joined hands with leading restaurants and created special menus by collaborating with their chefs.
  • Facilitates Menus for Change program for a specified date range.
  • Option to view all grouped/associated Restaurants listing city wise for menus for change
  • If any order is placed for these menus, then, 15% of the total bill value will be donated to Child Rights through the NGOs working towards ensuring healthy childhood for less-privileged children

Menus For Change Screens



Restaurants & Nightlife Features

Zomato team spent quite some time in evolving unique and helpful features to help foodies select a restaurant. Following are some good features that are part of the basic product/system:

  • Option to show Top or Trending Restaurants list in your city
  • Restaurants that  have maximum page views, top reviews and maximum time spend by users on a weekly basis have a chance to get selected in the trending list
  • View Menu, Pictures, Directions, Contact and all the other information you need to choose a restaurant for Dine-out, Cafes, Delivery, Nightlife or Takeaway
  • Restaurants updated Menus for almost all places
  • Provide Menu Pictures, Menu Source and Menu last updated on/date
  • Representation of restaurant features via icons on the restaurants listing/search page such as No Home Delivery, Serves Non Veg, Dine In, Bar Available, Credit Cards Accepted & Menu Available etc.
  • Provide Restaurants Address Info/details, Reviews & Map details along with Average Rating based on users votes
  • Option to view Total Reviews, Totals Favorites & Total Wishlists for restaurants
  • View restaurants Info regarding Highlights, Cuisines, Opening Hours, Cost, Photos & Tags etc.
  • Use the “Open At” filter/feature to find restaurants which are open right now

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  • Facilitates various Option Filters in restaurants listing page like Filter By (Popular Filters, Open At, In 4/5 Star Hotels, Bar Present & Citibank Offers), Popular Location, Popular Cuisines, Cost for Two, Pure Veg, Wi-Fi, Desserts and Bakes, Credit Cards, Breakfast, Outdoor Seating, Buffet, Café, Happy Hours and much more.
  • Sort restaurants by Popularity, Rating & Cost
  • Easy to understand icons around Veg./Non veg., Delivery, Bar, Credit card etc.
  • Option to find best dishes in a restaurant
  • Option to Call Now for home delivery
  • City-wise food recommendations
  • Usable Geo-tagging and Micro-tagging to show “Price for 2″
  • Display Restaurant address or info/details on the listing/search result page
  • Add restaurants to Favorites/Wishlist/Been-there and create a “to-do” list of restaurants
  • Option to show restaurants Featured Events in your city
  • Restaurants events slide show on the top of Events Homepage
  • Restaurants Reviews listing on the info page of the restaurant
  • Option to view/check Ratings and Reviews of all restaurants in your city
  • View Ads & Banners
  • Option to Write a review and mark Rating for the restaurants and shoot & upload photos directly from the system
  • Option to allow users to post comments on restaurant’s reviews
  • Option to Publish User Reviews
  • Option to say Thank & Share feature for restaurants reviews
  • View users Votes considered towards restaurant’s aggregate rating
  • View Top Reviews, User’s Network & Other Reviews for restaurants
  • Option to sort user reviews for restaurants by Date, Rating & Credibility
  • Foodies listing who viewed restaurants also viewed
  • Option to see restaurants more/other locations
  • Option to search/find Nearby Restaurants
  • View Related Restaurants listing
  • Option to suggest a place for any missing restaurant/bar in your city

Restaurants & Nightlife Screens











Catering Features

Zomato also helps people plan events on their own, and also aid search for caterers. Informed decisions about menus, caterers, and cuisines can be easily made through the website. Below are the most impressive catering based features;

  • Option to show all Creative Cuisines with Photos Gallery
  • Provide all Caterers listing in your city
  • Provide Caterer’s Address, Cuisines, Good For, Counters, Package, Photos along with Caterer’s details and Team Size & Experiences etc.

Catering Screens



User My Account & Network Area

Zomato community is engaged because it allows users to share opinions through reviews, and ratings. All this happens after creating Zomato profile. The platform offers impressive user account & network area features. Below are few of them;

  • Option to change/update user Profile details and Profile Picture
  • Allow user to manage Account Settings regarding Lists, Reviews, Network, Email Notifications, Subscription Alerts & Occasional Email updates
  • Option to Resend Account Verification email
  • Option to connect with social network or community like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram etc.
  • Allows users to Invite friends
  • Keep up to date users My Favorites lists
  • Ability to break down the restaurant trending list according to restaurant type
  • Allow users to add/mark restaurants to Favorites, Wishlist & Been-There

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  • Option to view My Reviews list
  • Display Leaderboard Status, Total Reviews & Followers count
  • Allow users to Send New Messages to followers
  • Ability to view All Messages listing
  • Get personalized recommendations through notifications by following foodies with similar taste and opinion on Zomato
  • Facilitates to check Ratings and Reviews of all restaurants in your city
  • Option to create a To-do list of restaurants
  • Option to view Featured Users Reviews
  • Ability to follow other users’ Recommendations on Zomato
  • Follow updates from other users about their Favorite restaurants
  • Option to add/update or set up your own Restaurant Business listing on Zomato
  • Add restaurants you want to visit to your Wishlist, and mark as ‘Been There’ once you’ve visited it
  • Option to create Foodies Network
  • Users can also create Wishlists
  • Allow users to follow Reviewers and their Friends
  • Option to Share all your Zomato activity on Facebook
  • Facilitates Number of reviews (with 4 & 5 stars) and Votes for the restaurants
  • Top Foodies listing based on their ranking and reviews that they have submitted on Zomato
  • Option to view all Top Foodies in your city
  • Display users Rating Distribution and Review Distribution status
  • Display users Total Reviews, Total Followers, Total Favorites & Total Wishlist
  • Option to view/check user Profile’s Highlights details like all Recent Reviews, Pinned Reviews, Photo Stream, Liked Photos, Most Viewed Restaurants and Recently Viewed Restaurants etc.
  • Option to view Total Reviews listing/details written by users, and other friends & followers are allowed to say Thank, Post Comment and Share each reviews listing as well
  • Ability to show users all Favorites regarding Total Favorites listing/details, Total Been There listing/details and Total Restaurants Rated listing/details by users
  • Option to view/check Wishlist status regarding all restaurants added by users in their Wishlists
  • Option to keep track users Network or Social Community with respect to all Followers & Following listing/details
  • Facilitates users to keep track on all Recent Activities
  • Option to showcase your Zomato Profile on your Blog

User Account & Network Area Screens








Social Network Features

Websites like Facebook and Twitter are the best mediums to share ideas and opinions. Zomato has been integrated with powerful social media features that help community in spreading the word, and achieve various other goals. Below are the best social features of Zomato;

  • Notifications about user reviews and ratings of favorite restaurants
  • Social invitations for friends to follow Zomato activities
  • Allow Facebook Comments for restaurants and promotes by sharing/liking the restaurants on Facebook and Twitter
  • Provides an option to find or invite your friends and to start and build your foodie network
  • Follow Top Foodies in the city and option to browse through the featured reviews and trending restaurants listed by Zomato
  • Create profile page that not only has your profile details but also showcases your reviews, favorites, wish list, follows, followed by and much more
  • The profile also displays the list of recently visited restaurants and most viewed restaurants by the foodie
  • Option to share your foodie moments with friends, and also discover new restaurants through them
  • Follow friends and send direct messages to them
  • Provide an opportunity to the restaurant owners to talk to the foodies community is a thing that needs to be watched out for
  • Provides restaurants to monitor what people are talking about them

Social Network Screen


Print Guides

Zomato put their best digital database about eating out in fine printed guides and made them available at an affordable price. Following points make the Connoisseur’s Guide from the restaurant discovery platform special;

  • Super Foodies and Connoisseurs get a chance to get featured in the Connoisseurs Guide to eating out
  • The book content has been generated from user inputs on the website.
  • The guide helps people choose the destination based on the occasion, preferences and mood.

Print Guides Screens



Mobile Apps Features

Zomato also has its mobile app available on all the major mobile platforms.  All the features that make Zomato unique are packed in the app. The mobile app is simple but packs very unique features. Below are few of them:

  • Impressive User Interface for Android Phones
  • Fully Updated Restaurant List
  • Discover a nearby restaurant recommendation and connected with Maps to reach the place
  • List of restaurant recommendations based on your current location
  • Search for restaurants by name, cuisine or location
  • Read and write reviews
  • Locate restaurants on the map and view actual restaurant pictures.

Mobile Apps Screens




If you have reached this far, then, you must be convinced that Zomato is no small website. It has humongous database, SEO, social media, and user experience capabilities. So, it is obvious that an inexperienced team or freelancer cannot create the advanced Zomato clone for you.

In case you really want to beat Zomato at its own game, you need a team that can guarantee usability focus, design uniqueness, custom features, SEO benefits, and much more.


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