Delhi :)

With a population of 22 million in 2011, it is the world’s second most populous city, but the thing is, it’s not about the millions living inside Delhi, it’s about Delhi living inside the millions! A Delhiite’s primary love might be food but foremostly, a Delhiite loves Delhi. Delhi is the heart of every Dilli wala and there is no doubt about it, because Delhi is awesome! You ask why… here’s your answer!

1. Numerous spots to shop while you chant “Bhaiya ye to bahut mehenga hai, theek laga do”!

Delhi Markets

Image Source

Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Khan Market, South Ex… Whether you have a tiny budget or you’ve got endless money to spend, Delhi markets will never ever disappoint you!

2. And we have the Delhi metro, with a section that is “Keval Mahilaon Ke Liye”. Beat that!

Keval Mahilayein

It’s the city’s lifeline. No matter what hour you plan on boarding the metro, you’ll be surrounded by happy, cheery Delhiites who have great travel plans on their mind. The metro is fast, efficient and safe – it’s something that we can’t live without anymore. Makes you wonder how we were living without it in the first place?

3. Lal Quila, where at the stroke of the midnight hour, India woke up to life and freedom!

Red Fort

Delhi is a place which is so full of history and legends that one can run into a monument at every nook and corner. The monuments give Delhi that feeling of fusion, with old merging into the new and it just adds to the beauty of the city!

4. Dilli ki Chaat, Kha ke Death hi ho jaati hai By God!


Delhi is home to foodies and the major reason behind that is our chaat. We have tons of mouth watering spicy chaats and we also cater to the tangy yet sweet chaats – something for everyone.

5. Shawarma, Bas naam hi kaafi hai.. Om nom nom…


Image Source

Shawarma is sorta new here, but the city has happily accepted the shredded bits of meat wrapped in glorious flat bread. If you’re in mood for some crazy spicy shawarma, Al Bake is your spot to be in!

6. A walk around the inner circle as one gorges down all the yummy bhelpuris and whatnot!

Inner Circle

Image Source

It’s the centre of the city, it is here that the city swarms for everything – a place for cheap shopping, a hub for swiss bakeries and a booming pub culture, the central park for lazy strolls and the view of the British Architecture that has remained so prominent over the years. It’s a feeling of utopia in itself!

7. Finger Licking multi cuisine at Andhra Bhawan and all other state bhavans… Thinkk of all the food!

Andhra Bhavan

Image Source

The plus point of being in Delhi is that it is the Nation’s capital, which is why it has an array of state offices with canteens that serve authentic food from the respective states. If you’re ever feeling bored of the chaats, you can always treat yourself with a new cuisine!

8. The Chill Pub culture in Hauz Khaz

Hauz Khaz Pubs and Restaurants

Talk about chilling out and hanging with friends and Hauz Khaz will top your list, with pubs and chai places that are affordable and provide magnificent roof top views of the city and of the Hauz Khaz fort and lake are just too cool to be described. Delhi has a completely new face here, it’s young, wild and free!

9. Amar Jawaan Jyoti, Feel aa jaati hai dekh kar!

India Gate

Image Source

India gate is one place every Delhiite loves. We’ve come here for picnics when we were kids, seen it in Republic Day Parades and we still come here for a stroll and a ice cream. You can’t help but notice the soap bubbles in the air with vendors selling bubble makers and balloons. Reminds you of your childhood!

10. Paranthe Wali Gali – The power of Parathas!

Parathe Wali Gali

You can’t stop talking about food if you’re talkking about Delhi, which is why food is a major part of this list, like Duh! Delhi 6 has so much food to offer from faloodas, rabri, kulfi, dahi bhalle, chole bhature to sweet shops and Biryani at Jama Masjid but the Parathas at the Parathe wali gali are worth a seperate mention. Deep fried and sizzling, variants ranging from the regular aloo, gobhi, mooli, to the exotic badaam (yes, badaam paratha), matar and whatnot!

11. Banta Bottle – You have one, then another, then another… It’s a vicious never ending cycle we Delhiites don’t mind indulging in!


Image Source

See, if you eat so much, you do needsomething fizzy to get a burp or two. So Delhi has it’s very own tangy solution to this need – The Banta Bottle! It’s a cute tiny bottle filled with your drink, break the seal covered by a glass marble, add soda, lime and sugar and you’re good to go!

12. Akshardham Temple – Where faith, music and food unite!


The Temple boasts of magnificent gardens, intricate sculpting, a mind blowing number of fountains and water bodies and a museum. It hosts a musical fountain show which is as awe-striking as it is magnificent – gives you goosebumps. It also has a very hygenic and huge kitchen canteen serving various cuisines and prasad. It’s a monument of faith and Delhi is proud of it!

13. On a similar note, Gurudwara Bangla Saheb – Never Ever miss the Langar. Ever!

Bangla Saheb

It’s been prominently placed in Central Delhi and tourists from across the globe come to Bangla Saheb because of it’s magnificence and it’s offering of peace of mind. The Gurudwara welcomes people from all religions, serves langar everyday to thousands and has a giant pond full of gold fishes that you can feed. It’s our piece of peace in the middle of chaos!

14. Fantastic Museums – From Doll museum to Science museum, and from the museum for history to the international museum of TOILETS. Yeah, you heard it right!

Science Museum

Delhi has a very large number of museums for us to stayed rooted to knowledge in the midst of all materialistic gains. The museums vary from history, nature, science, railways, dolls to even a museum of toilets!

15. The Rush Hour Jams – Inka bhi apna maza hai. We get to swear a lot here, we love it!

Rush Hour Traffic

Traffic Jams are synonymous with the city’s name, especially during rush hours of office crowd. The roads are full of vehicles and pedestrians alike who’re looking to reach work/home in time.

16. The Roads in central Delhi – A Green Delhi is a Clean Delhi!

The clean Delhi Green Delhi

A stroll through the roads in Central Delhi can be very very rejuvenating. Surrounded by greenery everywhere and not a speck of dust. Flowers and fruits strewn over the pavement… It’s a feeling you cannot explain in words!

17. Chuski Paan near Odeon Cinema – The most EPIC paan variants that you can ever imagine!

Chuski Paan

Image Source

Everybody loves paan, but in Delhi, you need to try our Chuski paan. A paan flled with crushed ice that gives you numbing chills and a feeling that you can only experience when you eat it. The paan maker will make your chuski paan and will personally dumo it in your mouth so you dont spit it out because of the chills! The Paan shop has other exciting variants as well!

18. Kulle Chaat – It was apparently invented in Delhi and it’s PERFECT!

Kulle Chaat

A unique chaat which is made from fruits and is served IN FRUITS! it’s the perfect fit for your summer outing in Delhi! It’s tangy and sweet, sprinkled with those pomegranate seed. YUM!

19. The Qawwalis at the Dargah of Nizamuddin Auliya – because Delhiites don’t need Bollywood for it, we have the real deal!

Nizamuddin Dargah, Delhi

Delhi has the special priviledge of live qawwalis at the Nizzamuddin Dargah – we don’t need to see bollywood movies for that! It’s the perfect way too soothe a tensed mind which is often experienced by the busy bees of Delhi!

20. The Raj Ghat – our place of serenity in the chaos of our happy busy crowd!

Raj Ghat

Image Source

The resting ground of the father of our nation. It is probably the cleanest and most peaceful spot in the city with sprawling gardens and lawns. Gives you very patriotic feel when you look at the ‘Hey Ram’ on the smadhi.

21. The Birds –  Our pretty chirpy birdies keep us connected to nature in the midst of our manmade jungle. Feed them or watch them, it’s equally beautiful!


Although a lot of birds have moved farther away from cities, Delhi still abounds in the population of beautiful birds – pigeons, doves, parrots, parakeets, crows and quails, even peacocks and peahens! The early morning chirps are soothing and not one Delhiite can imagine waking up without them!

22. The Cycle Rickshaw rides, that spoil us and tempt us into not walking!

Rickshaw Ride

Image Source

Delhi is a city that requires a lot of walking and tires you a lot, which is why we have tricycles or ‘cycle rickshaws’ that happily tow us with our shopping bags from one end to another – especially in old delhi and east Delhi!

23. Delli ki Sardi, and the garmi too!

Dilli ki Sardi

Delhi experiences extreme climates – we have chilling winters that leave us numb and wanting for hot tea on a half hourly basis and we also have those hot dry spells when all we want to do is eat tons of ice cream, drink our bantas and just sit in ACs. It’s a beautiful world!


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